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Organiser (PCEB) 槟城会议及展览局

Penang Convention & Exhibition Bureau (PCEB) is a state bureau in Penang, Malaysia established to develop the Business Events and Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions (MICE) industry in Penang. With its rich UNESCO heritage, thriving multicultural society, renowned state-of-the-art facilities of hybrid and digital events on top with vibrant natural wellness attractions, Penang offers a truly eclectic tropical experience.

PCEB serves and excels as Penang’s focal point for the coordination of all Business Events activities, providing expert assistance to organizations and Business Events planners at every step of the planning for hybrid and digital events from the World-Class Hotels, Award-Winning Convention Centers to Prestigious Unique Venues. PCEB also excels in customizing incentive support programme that suit the various needs of different groups. For instance, our incentive program of Enhanced Privilege Penang 2021-2023 is a carefully curated support structure that will assure you a memorable "Experiences Unfiltered" Business Events and MICE time in Penang.


槟城会议及展览局(槟城会展局)是槟州政府机构,负责开发槟城的 商业活动、会议、奖励与会展(MICE)行业。槟城国际会议及展览局的 目标是将槟城定位为该区域的商业活动的首选地点。凭借其丰富的联合国 教科文组织古迹、繁荣的多元文化社会、先进的设施和充满活力的自然景 观,槟城为您提供真正的热带体验。

配合其培育槟城商业活动增长的使命,槟城会展局是协调槟城所有商务活 动的平台,为商业活动策划者在计划的过程里提供专业的协助。槟城国际 会展局的专业团队与专业服务提供商、世界级酒店、会议中心和独特场所 携手合作,确保每个活动能够顺利进行和成功举办。槟城会展局的目标是 加强我们的商业活动客户的经验,同时扩大当地商业活动、会议、奖励与 会展行业的经济影响。


Penang Roadshow to China 2021
槟城线上路演 – 中国站 (PRTC) 2021

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2021 marks the inaugural Penang Roadshow to China by PCEB and it is scheduled in the month of May for a total of three days. In order to reach out to more audiences, the roadshow will be held in a digital format.

On its first edition this year, the roadshow will focus on top tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Shenzhen/Guangzhou. Each city will be allocated one day with 20 over top sellers participating from Penang/Malaysia and 80 over qualified buyers participating from China.

槟城线上路演 – 中国站是2021年PCEB举办的首场槟城路演,计划于5月举办,为期三天。此次演将以线上模式进行以吸引更多的观众。 2021槟城线上路演中国站第一批将以最具实力与活力的城市为重心出发,如北京、上海、成都、深圳、广州等。每个城市的线上路演活动为一天,将邀约槟城20多位顶级卖家(供应商)与来自中国各地80多位特邀买家进行洽谈、合作。


为什么选择槟城线上路演 – 中国站 :

20 Top Sellers from Penang/Malaysia 拥有20来自于槟城/马来西亚顶级卖家

80 Qualified Buyers from China 拥有来自中国的80位特邀买家

1-1 Pre-scheduled Appointments 特邀买家提前预约审核,线上一对一商务洽谈

Digital Networking Opportunities 线上交流的良好机会

Business Opportunities 无限商机

Cost Effectiveness 成本效益

Enhanced Privilege Penang 2021-2023 2021-2023年槟城会展局强化版奖励政策

Advertising, Marketing and Sales 广告、市场营销及销售