Terms & Conditions


  1. Penang Roadshow to India 2024 (Virtual Edition) will be held virtually from 24th to 28th January 2024 in four different cities namely Kochi, Chennai, New Delhi and Mumbai.
  2. Participation is open to all Indian MICE, event planners and agency tourism stakeholders.
  3. Only duly qualified buyers are allowed to participate in the Penang Roadshow to India 2024 (Virtual Edition).
  4. Buyer must attach a copy of your tour operator license or hotel license with the application form in order to continue to registration process.
  5. Buyer are required to join all sessions and activities during the event.
  6. Each buyer will be given an ID account to access all sessions and activities during Penang Roadshow to India 2024.
  7. PSA (Pre-Schedule Appointments) system is applicable to individual virtual tabletop upon successful selection of buyers.
  8. All registrations will undergo a selection process by the Organizing Committee. Only successful applicants will be notified.
  9. Upon submitting registration, buyers are agreeable to adhere to the Terms & Conditions of Penang Roadshow to India 2024.

  1. Buyer are requested to complete the online application form via Penang Roadshow official website only.
  2. Participation is based on first-come, first-served basis and are only limited to 400 companies.
  3. Buyer are to be decision maker of the outbound market and have a significant track record in organising tours and/ or events in the MICE industry in several outbound destinations.

  • This application, when submitted, shall serve as an agreement between the applicant’s organization and the Organizing Committee that the above terms and conditions have been read and understood by the applicant. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject any incomplete application submitted without the applicant’s signature or stamp of the company.

  • Should the selected buyers are unable to participate in Penang Roadshow to India 2024, the Organizing Committee must be informed Fourteen (14) days prior to the event day. Failing which, buyers will not be able to have any access to Penang Roadshow to India 2024 and will not be hosted in the next Penang Roadshow to India.
  • Should the selected buyers fail to complete the Pre-Schedule Appointments (PSA) and/ or fail to turn up for the show, the buyer will be blacklisted for the next Penang Roadshow to India and will not be eligible for any support from the support programme of Enhanced Privilege Penang 2021-2023.


  1. All buyers are required to complete their company's profile upon registration.
  2. System will auto approve the meeting requests if there is no action taken by both buyers and exhibitors before the given deadline.

  1. Attendance in all Pre-Schedule Appointments (PSA) is compulsory. Buyers and exhibitors are expected to attend all scheduled sessions.
  2. Buyers are not allowed to cancel or re-arrange Pre-Schedule Appointments (PSA) unless the Exhibitor is in agreement and the Organising Committee has been informed.
  3. All Pre-Schedule Appointments (PSA) must be attended according to the scheduled time.
  4. Please be in business professional attire throughout all sessions.
  5. Respectively, all buyers must ensure they are equipped with stable internet connection, smooth/clear video streaming and audio quality in order to have an uninterrupted user experience throughout the duration of Penang Roadshow to India 2024.
  6. Discussions must be strictly professional.
  7. For optimal experiences, all buyers are advised to participate Penang Roadshow to India 2024 via computer or laptop with camera and microphone accessibility. Participating via portable devices such as smart phones, tablets & iPad are not encouraged, to avoid any technical difficulty.
  8. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to take necessary actions on any misuse of information, misconduct and other in appropriation detected throughout the duration of Penang Roadshow to India 2024."

  1. All buyers are required to fill up the survey form given by the Organising Committee. Your feedback is important for us to further improve future Penang Roadshow to India sessions.
  2. Respectively, buyers are taking the full rights & responsibility to ensure fruitful efforts in Penang Roadshow to India 2024.

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